Here at Live Free Mama we believe in freedom, flexibility, and financial stability!

We know that one of the hardest decisions moms have to face is whether or not they should be a stay at home mom or be a working mom.

But you know what, this doesn’t have to be such a black and white decision. What if I told you there was a third option. An option that combines the best of both worlds into one amazingly awesome career.

Yep. it’s true. You can create your own career, be there for your children, and eat your cake too! All on your terms.  

How? Through freelancing!  Learn More.

Live Free Mama provides the resources, tools, and support to make freelancing a profitable and sustainable business.

We are so happy to walk this journey with you and can’t wait to get to know you!

Welcome to the Free Life!

Stay at Home Mom

Maybe you left your career because you chose to focus solely on your family, but you miss the fulfillment and passion that comes with working hard and earning a paycheck.

Maybe you left your career because at the end of the month after you would pay daycare only pennies would be left (this was me), but the reality of being a stay at home mom and living on one income just doesn’t cut it. You are sick of budgeting and scrimping every month, but not enough to go back to a 9-5. I totally feel you and understand well sorta — I found freelancing so I didn’t have to do the super tight budget thing. We still definitely have a budget, but it is not as tight as it could have been if we did the one-income thing.

Maybe you’ve tried to start your own business before whether it was direct sales, selling crafts, a daycare or something else, but it just didn’t fit your family’s needs.

this is me!

Work Out of Home Mom

Maybe you choose to work because you love your job, your coworkers, and the adult connections you make each and every day, but the chaos and craziness of rushing out the door by 7am to get the kids to daycare or school and then rushing back in by 6pm to make dinner, do homework, and some quick quality family time just isn’t cutting it. What’s left for you? Not a whole lot.

Maybe you choose to work because you are forced to. Being a one income family just isn’t in the cards for you right now, and that’s fine. But not really, because you feel stressed, anxious, angry, but worst of all that stress, anxiousness, and anger is turning into resentment. (Also me, been there, done that). 

Maybe you choose to work because you feel like that is just what modern moms do. You are neutral most days. Some days you love work, other days you hate it. But mostly you are just neutral. I can totally help you learn more to see if there is something out there that can light your passion and fire up more.

this is me!