WHO is doing the dang thing!? Y-O-U! YOU are here & ready to launch your freelance business!

Step 1: You attended my Webinar. Thank you! It was so much fun!

Step 2: You’ve landed on this page. Yay! 

Step 3: World domination, obviously.

So, how do we get from step 2 to step 3? This mini course will get you started! If you are ready to get clients & get paid like, yesterday....welcome to your launchpad, fellow boss lady! Let’s get started.

$97 for Get Clients Now: Get Booked & Get Paid Mini Course!

Mini course with 3 training videos, 3 Trello boards, and a workbook!

This small but mighty course contains:

Video trainings, Trello boards & more to help you land freelance clients. It can be super overwhelming to take that first leap into freelancing. I am so tired of hearing super-talented, super-smart moms I know would kill it at this freelancing game get in their own way because they think launching a business is too hard. Whether you want to be a virtual assistant, social media manager, copywriter, whatever...THESE are the money-making, client-winning tips & tasks that WORK.

Video Trainings


From POSSIBLE to PAID: Client Conversions. I'm sharing my secret tips for wooing your leads so they'll say "take my money & start right away!"


STAND OUT: How to Nail Facebook Groups. Have you looked into networking in Facebook groups? Sometimes there can be more than 100+ comments on one potential job lead! We’ll chat about how to stand out from the pack & get paid by interacting in FB groups, plus how to track your progress so you’re not spending 12 hours a day in 20 different groups! Psst...This training is how 75% of the ladies in OTO are landing clients and smashing their goals. It works!


TRACK your Success. Usually when the leads aren’t pouring in, there is only one key issue causing the disconnect. In this training, we’ll chat about the lead process. What's helping you land clients? What's not? Fix that core issue & watch those leads pour in!

Trello Boards & Workbook

The Complete Guide to Facebook Networking Groups. I’m no mathematician, but I’m pretty sure that there are over 11 kabillion Faceebok groups you could be networking in. But should you? HECK NO! Your ideal clients are hanging out in a handful of groups, at best. Most likely they are only in 1 or 2 groups regularly. If you’re tired of looking for that needle in a haystack, I’ve got you girl! Our community has gathered the best Facebook groups you need to network, find job opportunities, and land the clients you are dying to work with.


Potential Client Tracking Trello Board. Once those leads start piling up, you will want to stay on task & up to date! This board sets up & tracks all of your potential leads + your success rate!

Business Organization Trello Board - Not everything can be sexy, ok? Sometimes you have to lay the groundwork. The foundation of any good business is some organization! Let’s get you started.

Get Clients Now - Get Booked & Get Paid Workbook. Apparently some people still like to print things out. Just don’t ask me to fax it to you. Just kidding! This workbook is for all my pen & paper fanatics...we need you hyper-organized people!

Yep, I need that in my life, and for only $97, yes please!
Just in case you don't know me...

I am a wife, mom, teacher, lifelong learner, and founder of The Live Free Podcast. I, empower & inspire moms just like you to create a fulfilling career on your terms & time.

Little bit of my backstory: My background is in education, and I taught high school English for four years. When I had my daughter, I desperately wanted to find a career that allowed me to work from home, still make a decent income, and spend more time with my growing family. 

I started freelancing as a virtual assistant, social media manager, and digital marketer and quickly replaced my teaching income in part-time hours! 

Now I spread the word on how you can do it, too! I know that freelancing is the best career option for moms in 2019, & I am passionate about leading women into a life & career they love. I have helped hundreds of moms uncover their talent, and I can't wait to help you!

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