Ready to FINALLY land that first paying client?!

Heck yes you are!

I am ready for you to land that client too, but I have heard from a ton of you, that you want to give freelancing your best shot and best go BUT the cost of OTO is way outside your budget.

So, you are going the DIY route...

But stuck trying to actually land that first client?

Spinning your wheels.




For that first client.

Well friend, I've got you!

Introducing... Get Clients Now: Get Booked & Get Paid 

Mini course with 3 training videos, 3 Trello boards, a workbook, all to help you land clients in Facebook Groups TODAY!

This small but mighty course contains:

Video trainings, Trello boards & more to help you land freelance clients. It can be super overwhelming to take that first leap into freelancing. I am so tired of hearing super-talented, super-smart moms I know would kill it at this freelancing game get in their own way because they think launching a business is too hard. Whether you want to be a virtual assistant, social media manager, copywriter, whatever...THESE are the money-making, client-winning tips & tasks that WORK.

Three Video Trainings


How To Turn A Potential Client Into A Paying Client - I'll walk you through the process of potential client to contract signed and invoice paid!

How to Land Clients on Facebook - We’ll chat about how to get noticed & get paid by interacting in FB groups, and how to track your progress! - This training is how 75% of the women in OTO are landing clients and reaching their goals. It is gold!

How To Evaluate What's Working & What's Not Working - Let's take a look at your lead process. What's helping you land clients? What's not? I'll show you what to tweak so you can convert those leads into clients! 

Three Trello Boards PLUS A Workbook

The Complete Guide to Facebook Networking Groups. I’m no mathematician, but I’m pretty sure that there are over 11 kabillion Faceebok groups you could be networking in. But should you? HECK NO! Your ideal clients are hanging out in a handful of groups, at best. Most likely they are only in 1 or 2 groups regularly. If you’re tired of looking for that needle in a haystack, I’ve got you girl! Our community has gathered the best Facebook groups you need to network, find job opportunities, and land the clients you are dying to work with.


Potential Client Tracking Trello Board. Once those leads start piling up, you will want to stay on task & up to date! This board sets up & tracks all of your potential leads + your success rate!

Business Organization Trello Board - Not everything can be sexy, ok? Sometimes you have to lay the groundwork. The foundation of any good business is some organization! Let’s get you started.

Get Clients Now - Get Booked & Get Paid Workbook. Apparently some people still like to print things out. Just don’t ask me to fax it to you. Just kidding! This workbook is for all my pen & paper fanatics...we need you hyper-organized people!

Yep, I need to sign-up now!

Transparency alert! If you buy this mini-course, LOVE it, AND want more, you will have 3 days to roll the cost of this purchase into the purchase of my full program OTO.

This mini-course does not cover everything you’ll ever need to know to launch a freelance business. But it will give you what you need to go into a facebook group and land a client.

This is the exact same strategy I teach in OTO. And this is the route 75% of the women take to land their clients and replace their income.

And just incase you are wondering... "if this is that good Micala, why is it so affordable?...?"

Well... it is that good and I am willing to bet once you sign-up, you will be amazed, in love, and ready to dive into the full program. 

Or it could be all you need to build your business and quit your job and when that happens, your friends may ask... how did you get started??! And you could send them my way...

Either way it is a win/win for all of us!!

Just in case you don't know me...

I am a wife, mom, teacher, lifelong learner, and founder of The Live Free Podcast. I, empower & inspire moms just like you to create a fulfilling career on your terms & time.

Little bit of my backstory: My background is in education, and I taught high school English for four years. When I had my daughter, I desperately wanted to find a career that allowed me to work from home, still make a decent income, and spend more time with my growing family. 

I started freelancing as a virtual assistant, social media manager, and digital marketer and quickly replaced my teaching income in part-time hours! 

Now I spread the word on how you can do it, too! I know that freelancing is the best career option for moms in 2019, & I am passionate about leading women into a life & career they love. I have helped thousands of moms uncover their talent, and I can't wait to help you!

P.S. This is not a throwaway PDF or a project you pin on Pinterest that you start and let sit half-finished in your basement.

This is your chance to take action and design a life you love. And that is priceless.

Let's get to work!

Alright, I read it all and I am in, Micala!
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