Ready to work at home, make a sizable income, and spend MORE time with your family, but have no idea how to get started?? 

This course has been retired, but you can check out our new one starting July 15!

Listen to how my course helped this mom transition from the corporate world to Pinterest manager!

Mackenzie was one of the first moms to sign up for my Jumpstart Course and has had tremendous success. She has replaced her full-time income, ditched her long commute, and now works from home as a Pinterest manager on her terms!
Let me guess...
You've poured your heart into your career, but your career has not poured its heart back into you?

At the end of the day do you...​​​​​​​

spend the majority of your paycheck to cover daycare
feel under appreciated by your boss and the company you work for
get anxiety over calling in sick to take care of your child
have guilt for missing out on the field trips, mystery reads, and holiday parties
feel exhausted from all the rushing, running, and traffic
want something more, something better, something that will allow you to be the mom you want to be without sacrificing everything
Yes, yes, and more yeses... I've got you!
If you are a mama who does not feel freedom through the career you have chosen at this time, whether that be a business woman, a nurse, teacher, lawyer, SAHM, or whatever title you hold other than MAMA -- then my Jumpstart Your Freelancing Career Program is for you. And you can join this program for $197 right now or sign-up for the 2 month payment plan.

Imagine a career where you CAN stay at home with your babies and still earn a sizable income?

Sarah L.
I am able to quit my part-time job now and focus on this as my FULL-TIME job. I'm already making double what I was before, working the same hours. It's been amazing. I have more freedom with finances and time with my family.
If you are wanting something better, stop wishing, stop hoping.

Start taking action.


This program has four different modules, and by the end you will...
So you will be crystal clear on the services and packages that you will offer to potential clients, plus who your ideal potential clients are and where they are hiding
So potential clients can find you and be drawn to your services, plus building relationships with potential clients is one of the top ways to actually get hired
So you can find potential clients, where they are hiding, how to network with them, and position yourself as a reliable, trustworthy, and in-demand freelancer
Get Confident
So you can land the client again and again. You'll get confident in the hiring process, the on-boarding process, but most importantly in your skills, offerings, and the value you bring

Basically, you will walk away from this course with EVERYTHING you need to set up, run, and operate your freelance business. 
What is my investment and what does it get me?

For just $197 you get lifetime access to my Jumpstart your Freelance Career Program where you will go from overwhelmed to overbooked.

This program includes immediate access + access to all future updates of this jam packed course that covers EVERYTHING you need to become a successful work from home mom.

Most moms that implement the program end up making anywhere from 1K-5K a month depending on their financial goals and availability to work, so this investment of $197 could have an ROI of 12K-60K a year from now. Hot damn!
No more delay! Here are all the details of exactly what is included in each module...
Module #1
Setting realistic goals

Creating an action plan to accomplish goals

Developing your brand identity

Determining what services you will offer

Establishing your pricing and packages

Understanding the legalities of running a business

Productivity & Time Management

Value: $197
Module #1
Creating portfolio

Creating a facebook business page

Creating a website 

Value: $197
Module #1
Selecting your title, tagline, and elevator pitch

The four different routes to find clients

Facebook Group Etiquette

Power of networking and why building relationships is the key to your successful freelance business <-- without this you will NOT get hired

Value: $197
Module #1
Understanding the process from potential client to client

How to tackle a discovery call

How to write a proposal

What your contract should include

Onboarding, invoicing & money tracking

Getting the testimonial


Value: $197

$197 is a minimal investment to launch your freelance business.

Besides you probably waste that much $ in a month driving to a job you can’t stand.

So join today, and, let’s make it your goal to make back your investment in less than one month, because after that your 2, 3, 5K months are all profit mama!

But that's not all... check out these sweet bonuses!
Surprise Module #5
Make your money back ASAP! When you sign-up, if you want to get started right away networking and landing clients, skip modules 1-4 and start with module #5 -- HOW TO MAKE YOUR MONEY BACK ASAP!

You do not have to wait to land clients until everything is perfectly in place and perfectly launched... this module will show you how to get out there now! 

Let's see how fast you make your money back... the record right now is 1 week!

Value: $197
 Private Facebook Group 
Bonus Access to a private Facebook group (for paid members only) where you can get the support from other women who get you, as well as additional support and hot seat coaching from me. 

This is the space to ask me (as well as the other women) any and all questions related to freelancing and your business. 

I want your business to succeed, just as much as you do and this group cultivates the super tight-knit support system that you need. 

Value: Priceless
3 months access to The Business Blend
3 months access to The Business Blend membership site hosted by Sam Johnston, creative techie chick behind Neapolitan Creative.

The business blend is a fusion-group of both creative techie types and DIY entrepreneurs – all of whom are building and growing their service-based online businesses.

This is a community focused on symbiotic relationships and intentional upleveling for both creative techies and DIY’er entrepreneurs.

It’s for the entrepreneur that wants to DIY her tech and branding but doesn’t know where to start AND it’s for the creative tech chicks that want to build a business helping those DIY’ers. So, you see, it’s a community that will be beneficial all around for everyone. 

Value: $150 
Foundational Copy Course
Access to Tara Bosler's Foundational Copy Course. You need this course in order to create a solid system so that your business can grow rooted in the words, language and messaging you create from the beginning.

Her superpower is helping you get your voice on the page and making your copy conversational so it makes your ideal client feel like you’re talking right to her! 

She founded, built and continues to grow her successful copywriting business, taught communication at the college level for almost a decade and LOVES working with amazingly creative entrepreneurs like you! This bonus covers your:
  •  Mission & Vision Statements
  •  Elevator Pitch
  •  Identity Statement
  •  Manifesto
  •  Brand Language Work Bank
Value: $79

Yep -- This is EVERYTHING you need to get your business launched and beyond. Business building basics, tech support, design guidance, copy help... with these tools and resources your business will boom. 

The total value of this program is over $1200, and you can get access for just $197... or 98.50 if you sign-up today for the two month payment plan!
Natalie T. 
Micala. Is. Awesome. She has helped guide me in this crazy virtual services world that I didn’t even know existed!! It’s been a LIFE CHANGER! There are so many freelancing opportunities out there. I am feeling so blessed and thankful that I can stay home with my precious little man while still contributing some income to my little family!! Micala was invaluable to me throughout the process of knowing what to do, figuring out what services I could offer, how to find clients, how to approach the clients, how to structure my contracts, etc! The thing that struck me the most was how absolutely, sincerely PASSIONATE she is about helping other mamas find their path – through freelancing or otherwise – to financial & lifestyle freedom.
This sounds amazing, but who was this program designed for? 
Stay-at-home moms
Maybe you left your career because you chose to focus solely on your family, but you miss the fulfillment and passion that comes with working hard and earning a paycheck. 

Maybe you left your career because at the end of the month after you would pay daycare only pennies would be left (this was me), but the reality of being a stay at home mom and living on one income just doesn’t cut it. You are sick of budgeting and scrimping every month, but not enough to go back to a 9-5. I totally feel you and understand well sorta -- I found freelancing so I didn’t have to do the super tight budget thing. We still definitely have a budget, but it is not as tight as it could have been if we did the one-income thing. 

Maybe you’ve tried to start your own business before whether it was direct sales, selling crafts, a daycare or something else, but it just didn’t fit your family’s needs. 
Working moms
Maybe you choose to work because you love your job, your coworkers, and the adult connections you make each and every day, but the chaos and craziness of rushing out the door by 7am to get the kids to daycare or school and then rushing back in by 6pm to make dinner, do homework, and some quick quality family time just isn’t cutting it. What’s left for you? Not a whole lot. 

Maybe you choose to work because you are forced to. Being a one income family just isn’t in the cards for you right now, and that’s fine. But not really, because you feel stressed, anxious, angry, but worst of all that stress, anxiousness, and anger is turning into resentment. (Also me, been there, done that). Life is too short to not love what you do. If you don’t love what you do, I can totally help you find something you love so you can spend more time with those you love. 

Maybe you choose to work because you feel like that is just what modern moms do. You are neutral most days. Some days you love work, other days you hate it. But mostly you are just neutral. I can totally help you learn more to see if there is something out there that can light your passion and fire up more. 
This program was designed for YOU!
You have skills, talents, and experience no matter your current job, and you can leverage that into a profitable work from home career you love!
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