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Let me guess...
You've poured your heart into your career, but your career has not poured its heart back into you?

At the end of the day do you...​​​​​​​

spend the majority of your paycheck to cover daycare
feel under appreciated by your boss and the company you work for
get anxiety over calling in sick to take care of your child
have guilt for missing out on the field trips, mystery reads, and holiday parties
feel exhausted from all the rushing, running, and traffic
want something more, something better, something that will allow you to be the mom you want to be without sacrificing everything

Listen to how my course helped Mackenzie transition from the corporate world to Pinterest manager!

Mackenzie was one of the first moms to sign up for my Jumpstart Course and has had tremendous success. She has replaced her full-time income, ditched her long commute, and now works from home as a Pinterest manager on her terms!
Who is this program for?

Work out of home moms

Maybe you choose to work because you love your job, your coworkers, and the adult connections you make each and every day, but the chaos and craziness of rushing out the door by 7am to get the kids to daycare or school and then rushing back in by 6pm to make dinner, do homework, and some quick quality family time just isn’t cutting it. What’s left for you? Not a whole lot.

Maybe you choose to work because you are forced to. Being a one income family just isn’t in the cards for you right now, and that’s fine. But not really, because you feel stressed, anxious, angry, but worst of all that stress, anxiousness, and anger is turning into resentment. (Also me, been there, done that). 

Maybe you choose to work because you feel like that is just what modern moms do. You are neutral most days. Some days you love work, other days you hate it. But mostly you are just neutral. I can totally help you learn more to see if there is something out there that can light your passion and fire up more.. 

Stay at home moms

Maybe you left your career because you chose to focus solely on your family, but you miss the fulfillment and passion that comes with working hard and earning a paycheck.

Maybe you left your career because at the end of the month after you would pay daycare only pennies would be left (this was me), but the reality of being a stay at home mom and living on one income just doesn’t cut it. You are sick of budgeting and scrimping every month, but not enough to go back to a 9-5. I totally feel you and understand well sorta — I found freelancing so I didn’t have to do the super tight budget thing. We still definitely have a budget, but it is not as tight as it could have been if we did the one-income thing.

Maybe you’ve tried to start your own business before whether it was direct sales, selling crafts, a daycare or something else, but it just didn’t fit your family’s needs.

"I was able to quit my part-time job now and focus on this as my FULL-TIME job. I'm already making double what I was before, working the same hours. It's been amazing. I have more freedom with finances and time with my family."

Sarah L.
Sign me up! I am ready to pay in full!
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It's nice to meet you! 
My name is Micala and I am the owner and founder of The Live Free Podcast where we empower moms like you to create a career that works for your family! 

Before Live Free, I was a successful freelancer and before that I taught high-school English for 4 years. 

As a working mom, I was dying to find something more flexible, but also more profitable. Teaching took up 55+ hours a week, and I made pennies. Freelancing allowed me to more than double my teaching salary working only 15-20 hours a week! 

This gave me the freedom to work around my kiddos schedule and be the hands on mom that I always wanted to be! 
If you are wanting something better, stop wishing, stop hoping.

Start taking action.

This program has everything you need in the systematic approach that you want!
Self-paced course work
When you sign-up you will get immediate access to the course and all of the material so you can go through it at your own pace. Oh yeah, and you get lifetime access + access to all future updates and additions! Each module has a video, resources, and a workbook to help you succeed. 
Group Coaching
Six months of live ask-me-anything coaching calls every other week. On these calls, you can send in your questions in advance if you can't attend live or ask me on the call! These calls are a great opportunity to get feedback, go over issues, and check in to keep yourself accountable.
Ongoing Support
Every month we will bring in a new guest expert to provide ongoing support and training on the topics you request! Plus when you join, you will get access to the previous month's trainings!
Community & Friendship
You will get private access to the course only Facebook group, where you can connect with over 100+ like-minded moms all on a similar journey to you. This is the place to post your questions, share your progress, share your wins, and also share your struggles. Think of this group as your virtual work family! We can't wait to get to know you!
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Ready for a success story? 
Meet Dalaina!

Dalaina finished the course in THREE days, had her first discovery call within two weeks of signing up, and that call turned into her first client!

​​​​​​​She signed up for the program in March of 2018, and in less than 3 months was making over $2,500 working part-time hours from home!

Her biggest lesson learned since starting her own business: "I deserve this. I have worked my butt off my whole career for others and I finally am putting that effort into me and my own business. Believe in yourself & never set a limit for yourself!"

What she says about how the course has impacted her: "All I have ever wanted to be was a mommy, so when my husband and I found out we were pregnant, I spent months racking my brain on how to keep her out of daycare. With the help of Micala and the program, I had the tools and encouragement I needed to make the jump and start my own business!"

I want these results! I am ready to pay in full!
I want these results! I'll take the payment plan!
Here's an in-depth look at each of the course modules.

Your Ideal Client

Create your ideal client avatar

Conduct market research

Understand what they want and need

Your Branding 

Create a brand board that speaks to and attracts your ideal client

Develop your foundational copy and brand language

Maintain a consistent brand presence

Packages and Pricing

How to package your services

How to price your services

How/when to increase pricing

Create and price custom proposals

Create entry level offers

Perfect Sales Pitch

How to structure your discovery calls

What questions to ask

How to ask for the sale

Follow-up process


Your Portfolio

What to include

How to create a portfolio when you have zero (or minimal) online experience

Design tips

 FB Business Page

What to include

How to create it

What content to create and fill it with

How to automate this process

Strategy to find clients

Different options (Facebook groups, LinkedIn, friends and family, cold pitching

How to reach out

How to track this process

How to determine which option is best

Proposals & Onboarding

What information do you need to begin working on projects

How to manage projects

How to streamline and automate this process


Your Contracts

What to include

How to get a signature


Guest Interview with Entrepreneurial Attorney Matt Kincaid


How to develop confidence

How to get over your fears

How to get comfortable asking  for the sale

Your Website

When do you need one

What to include

What content to create and fill it with

How to drive traffic to it

How to scale beyond 5K

Should you start a blog?

How to create passive income?

Building your team and hiring subcontractors

I need this course! I am ready to pay in full!
I need this course! I want the payment plan!
Here's what the course looks like on the inside!
When you sign-up you get immediate access to all of this content; you can binge it all right away or do a module a week!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Totally your call! 

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Ready for another success story? 
Meet Brenna!

Brenna signed up for the program because she "was ready to kick her freelance career into full gear so she could stay home with her daughter, travel with her husband, and do fulfilling work. She needed to find my next breakthrough.”

Within 2 weeks of starting she made back the investment from the course:
“I have by far exceeded my income at my office job. I will get to work 5-20 hours a week and experience abundance and freedom!”​​​​​​​

Before my program, Brenna had freelance gigs here and there and was stuck working a job that left her feeling conflicted and unhappy: “I was battling terrible Post Partum Anxiety (leaving my daughter was terrible) and my marriage was being affected by the work I was bringing home.”

In less than 3 months she was able to resign from her job to stay home with her daughter!

What she says about how the course has impacted her: “I am so much happier as a whole. I also have tapped into creative skills that are flourishing and bringing so much joy to me.”

Your success story could be featured next!
Sign me up! I am ready to pay in full!
Sign me up! I want  the payment plan!

But that's not all... check out these sweet bonuses!
Planning & Preparation + Software Training
We’ve got the tutorials you need to prep and prepare your home, life, and mind to launch your business + we will walk you through the software you need to manage your business! (all the software we recommend has a FREE option!)

- setting goals and how to accomplish them
- discovering your why
- mapping out your time

Just to name a few!​​​​​​​
Exclusive Access to Course Only Job Leads

I use my personal and professional connections to help bring exclusive job leads to the Overwhelmed to Overbooked course community.

Launching your business does not have to be a complicated process. 

When you sign-up for our program, you will have a simple, step-by-step process to make launching your business easier!

The total value of this program is over $3000, and you can get immediate access today for one payment of $597... or just $133 if you sign-up with the six month payment plan!
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Natalie T. 
Micala. Is. Awesome. She has helped guide me in this crazy virtual services world that I didn’t even know existed!! It’s been a LIFE CHANGER! There are so many freelancing opportunities out there. I am feeling so blessed and thankful that I can stay home with my precious little man while still contributing some income to my little family!! Micala was invaluable to me throughout the process of knowing what to do, figuring out what services I could offer, how to find clients, how to approach the clients, how to structure my contracts, etc! The thing that struck me the most was how absolutely, sincerely PASSIONATE she is about helping other mamas find their path – through freelancing or otherwise – to financial & lifestyle freedom.
This sounds amazing, but I have a few more questions... 

No problem, here are a few commonly asked questions. Don't see your question answered? Shoot us an email or start a convo with us in the bottom right corner! 

What is a freelancer? 
A freelancer is someone who operates as an independent contractor to help small businesses and online businesses grow. You might have a specialized skillset such as graphic design, social media marketing, copywriting, that you offer or you might offer virtual admin support. As a freelancer you set your own rates, run your own business, set your hours etc. My course will help you build your business from scratch including helping you find clients! 
How long will it take to finish the course?
It totally depends on the amount of time you have to devote to the course. I recommend trying to do one module a week. If you follow this method you could be finished in 12 weeks. Some women have finished in as fast as one week. However, you do not have to have completed the program to find clients and start making money! I will show you how to start taking on clients while you are still building everything! 
Will you help me figure out what services to offer?
Of course! In our pre-planning bonus module we have a lesson all about how to pick the right services! We also focus on helping you create your packages and pricing, so you know what to charge for your services! 
What if I am a SAHM? Is this course for me?
Absolutely! About half of the moms in our program are SAHMs and the other half are working moms looking to replace their full-time income. We even have a few women who aren't moms yet, but are planning on starting their family soon and want to have the freedom to be home when they decide to start having kids! As a SAHM you can build your business and your work hours around your kiddos schedule! 

How much can I earn as a freelancer?
That really depends on how much you want to work and what you are charging per hour or per package. If you have a goal in mind in order to quit your job or to start supplementing, an easy way to figure out your earning potential is to see how many hours you have to work a week and times that by your hourly rate. So if you are charging $30 an hour and have 20 hours to work a week, you could bring in around $2400 a month. However, as a freelancer the opportunities are endless! As your skillset and business grows, you have the freedom to raise your prices and restructure your packages so that you can work the same and start making more, or work less and make the same! It's totally up to you! We have moms with a variety of goals in the course group, some are looking for an extra $500 a month others are making up to 5K per month. 
Are there really a lot of jobs out there?
Yes! There are two main routes we focus on in the course: facebook groups and the local market. Both are great options to find clients and we will show you what to do in each situation to land clients. That being said there are TONS of businesses out there and each day more people are creating online businesses, growing their businesses, and hiring support to help them grow! In the course group, myself as well as the other members are constantly sharing job opportunities and we even have a job form setup to funnel leads into the group! 
What if I fail?
We won't let you! If you follow the steps outlined in my course, seek help when you need it, reach out when you are stuck, you will be amazed at what you are capable of! But what happens if you don't even try? You'll sit there wondering what could have been. 
What is your refund policy?
Within 3 months, if you have completed the program and can show you followed it, completed all the steps, and it just doesn't work for you, we will give you a full-refund. However, we have never had this happen because our system and program works!  
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Checkout some of our wins...
Yours could be next!
You have skills, talents, and experience no matter your current job, and you can leverage that into a profitable work from home career you love!
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