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Jumpstart Your Freelance Career
How to be a Pinterest Manager Virtual Workshop
The Live Free Mama Lifestyle encourages freedom for moms in all areas, but especially when it come to motherhood, raising their babies, and choosing their career.
If you are a mama who does not feel freedom through the career you have chosen at this time, whether that be a business woman, a nurse, teacher, lawyer, SAHM, or whatever title you hold other than MAMA -- then my Live Free, Mama: Jumpstart Your Freelancing Career 4 week course is for you.

Imagine a career where you CAN stay at home with your babies and still help out with your family's bottom line, in a major way.

How awesome does that sound?
"If you are looking for a way out of your 9-5, Micala’s course gives you the tools you need to start your freelance journey. Working with her has already exceeded my expectations because I feel like I have the tools to start my own business, and I have already seen results in the first couple weeks. I am now optimistic about my future and having the option to create a lifestyle that allows me to contribute financially while being present with my child."
Let me guess, you've poured your heart into your career, but your career has not poured its heart back into you?
You've devoted so much time and energy to your career and are wondering what's the point.

Because at the end of the day you:
  • spend the majority of your paycheck to cover daycare
  • feel under appreciated by your boss and the company
  • get anxiety over calling in sick to take care of your child
  • have guilt for missing out on the field trips, mystery reads, and holiday parties
  • are exhausted from all the rushing, running, and traffic
  • still feel unfulfilled and unhappy with where you are at 
But it doesn't have to be like this... you have options and you have opportunities... it's time to go after them!
Imagine a career where you are:
  • no longer spending your entire paycheck on daycare
  • working with clients who are grateful and appeciate your contributions
  • able to take the day off when you want for whatever you want
  • there for the small, ordinary, and everyday moments with your children, aka no more mom guilt
  • fulfilled and happy each and every day
  • your own boss
This sounds amazing! Tell me all about what the workshop will cover!
This mini-course will cover:
How to optimize and/or set up a Pinterest account. 
How to utilize Pinterest to drive traffic to a client's website (or your own!). 
The strategy and science behind Pinterest growth. 
How to use Canva to design board covers and Pinterest images.
How to use the Tailwind app effectively. 
How you can continue to work with me to grow you freelance Pinterest Management Business. 
Live Q&A to ask your follow-up questions or get additional clarity. 

Check out these bonuses...
Sample packages and pricing sheet for Pinterest Management
Figuring out how to plan and package your services can be SUCH a difficult task -- let me help!
Behind the scenes of my Pinterest growth Strategy
I will walk you through my Pinterest account and my tailwind account so you can see what I am teaching to you in real time!
List of my top tribes that I use to grow my reach on Pinterest. 
Tribes has been the #1 reason for my Pinterest success -- I will share with you my top tribes!
A sample monthly report template that you can duplicate and/or mimic for your clients. 
If you are managing Pinterest accounts for multiple clients, chances are they will want a monthly report to track their ROI. My sample report template will make it EASY for you to duplicate again and again!
Basically, you will walk away from this mini-course with a strong understanding of Pinterest strategy and management to grow either a client's business or your own! 
"I had my little boy about five months ago. I immediately realized that I could NOT return to work. I didn't want to put him into daycare, and besides, it wouldn't have made sense financially to have my entire paycheck going to childcare. I was desperate to find a viable work from home option. I scoured the internet but it was so hard to find legitimate work. I connected with Micala in a local mom's group Facebook page. She. Is. Awesome. She has helped guide me in this crazy virtual services world that I didn't even know existed!! It's been a LIFE CHANGER! There are so many freelancing opportunities out there. I am feeling so blessed and thankful that I can stay home with my precious little man while still contributing some income to my little family!! Micala was invaluable to me throughout the process of knowing what to do, figuring out what services I could offer, how to find clients, how to approach the clients, how to structure my contracts, etc! The thing that struck me the most was how absolutely, sincerely PASSIONATE she is about helping other mamas find their path - through freelancing or otherwise - to financial & lifestyle freedom. Seriously such a sweet, caring, hardworking mama!" 
-Natalie Tinker
Hey there! It is so nice to meet you! I am Micala, the Mama behind Live Free Mama
To me, freedom is a mindset. One that I did not have when I was working out of the home. 

So I started searching online: 

How to be a SAHM 

SAHM jobs 

Working from home 

How to work from home 

Almost everything was a scam, except for how to be a SAHM – those posts just talked about budgeting and minimizing expenses. 

I felt stuck.
I could either sell my house and live on a strict budget and be a one income family or I could continue to be unhappy and suck it up at my day job.  

But I didn’t want to suck it up. So instead of being a problem pointer outer, I started becoming a problem solver.  

Long story short, I found freelancing and built my business on the side for a year as I continued to teach.  

I am very proud to say that I was able to build up my business to replace and then almost double my teaching income in part-time hours.  

I no longer work out of the home (unless I run to the local coffee shop for a change of scenery), and I only take on a select few freelancing clients.  

My #1 focus right now is teaching moms like YOU about the opportunities that are out there with freelancing, so that you can have the same freedom and flexibility that I do.

Join me, Mama. The free life is the good life! 
"Working with Micala was everything I thought it would be and MORE! She offered her assistance at all times of the day & even when she was away on a working retreat. She went above and beyond to help me figure out my vision for my business, how to figure out my audience, and how to get my audience booking with me! One of the biggest changes I see in myself is that I am more confident in my business approach. One of the biggest lessons she taught me is that you have to keep at it and not give up no matter how many no’s you get! My business is worth the effort and my little guy needs me at home! Micala is a hard working mama who truly BELIEVES in you. If you’re wanting someone in your corner, if you’re wanting someone who truly invests in your business... Micala is your girl."
Are you ready for your home office to be your only office?
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