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84: WAHM Success Story: Leveraging local networking groups with Meghan Kempf

84: WAHM success story: Leveraging local networking groups with Meghan Kempf

November 27, 2019

EPISODE 84: SHOW NOTES I’ve got another great mama on the show today to share with you her success story and how she built her freelance business by leveraging local networking groups! I can’t wait for you to meet Meghan! Meghan Kempf took a leap of faith to be at home with her son. Being pulled between work and not having child care for him made her question what she was doing. And then, finding out she was pregnant with her daughter brought on an even stronger desire to be home. Meghan saw my segment on Fox 4, joined my …

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within one month... I had made enough to not have to return to teaching after baby #2!

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I had made 8x my initial investment and landed multiple retainer clients

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